Welcome fresh food lovers!

Have you been wishing that you could eat healthier and feel better?

Maybe you just can’t afford a lot of fresh foods, or you'd just like to save more money in the process.

Listen, you’ve come to the right place - a place where you can join in with a group of local people and save TONS of money on fresh produce.  With Carlita's Bowl Fruit & Veggie Co-op, it IS possible to live a healthier lifestyle and afford it at the same time!

You’ll also learn how to store your produce so it will last, learn how to work more fresh food into your diets, get sample meal plans from time to time, and learn many fun facts about your produce!

Here’s a little back story:

I have always had a love for everything food related – especially a well-made salad.  When I was younger, I worked in Downtown Tampa.  During one particular lunch break, I found a sweet little salad shop that advertised fresh healthy salads, made-to-order.  Well, suffice it to say that the salad was WAY less than fresh, and not very easy to eat.  There really wasn’t a place that I could get a fast, healthy meal.  I saw the lack and couldn’t think of a possible, realistic, tangible way to meet the need.

Around that time, I also lost my Mom to cancer.  After a lot of study , I found out that, had she gotten solid nutritional advice, she could have possibly been saved from her battle with cancer. What we eat is directly related to our health, and I wanted to not only feed my family a healthy diet, but I wanted to help others to eat better, feel better, live longer and have more energy for the things they love.

I am a proponent for Organic foods, but my Co-ops are not organic right now.  Why, you ask? Well, for one, I mostly meet people who can barely afford to get by – even paying for conventional produce.  I wanted to make a way for people to simply take a step in the right direction – and that is towards raw foods.  I’ll be moving in the direction of a more pure diet, but for now, we’re walking one small step at a time.  Rest assurred, if we discover that any produce is GMO, we do not purchase or include it in our co-op.

Please take the time to look around our website and discover if Carlita's Bowl Fruit & Vegetable Co-op is for you.

We certainly hope that it is!

Blessings to you,